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Vadjungen, Hemsjön, Kölaälven m fl vatten

  Värmlands län / Eda and Årjäng municipality.

All waters within Vadjungens FVOF: Vadjungen, Hemsjön, Dammtjärn (put and take) , Käfstjärnen, Skårsjön, Hedtjärnet, Stora Ryven, Eketjärnen, Rövattnet, Navaren, Gettjärnet, Mickelstjärnet, Fjällbäckstjärnet, Långudinnjärnet, Långudjärn, Mångudjärn, take) , Nävesjön and Kölaälven.

Vadjungen is a flowing water with pike, perch and whitefish.

On the east side is the old railway bank where you can drive a car. Boat ramp is located at the southern end about 500 meters downstream by the bridge.

The Köla River is a scenic river that runs through the entire area, where you can meet beavers. The same fish species as in Vadjungen but also large bream.

In Hemsjön and Skårsjön there are the same fish species and in the pond perch and roach.

We have 2 put- and take water with rainbow; Dammtjärn and Skavålstjärn, of which Dammtjärn is also adapted for accessibility. At the moment, no new release of rainbow trout is allowed in these waters, hence the risk that the species will run out.

We have a boat dock and barbecue area with a pavilion.

 This area has one or more fishing spots available for disabled. For more information, please see the fishing area map, or contact Vadjungens FVOF.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 14.

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Vadjungens FVOF

Vadjungens Fiskevårdsförening was formed in the 1930s.

The association has organized boat fishing competitions for 20 years. Rice vases are made in Vadjungen every winter.

Organization number: 802600-9228

Customer number: 741, Area: 701.

Contact persons

Mats Keller

0706 - 72 37 36

Gert Bergkvist

0706 - 76 52 82


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