Skillingmarks FVOF


Askesjön, Björkelången, Långtjärn Boda m.fl

  Värmlands län / Eda municipality.

Skillingmark FVO is a scenic area with lots of larger and smaller water containing a variety of species, but mainly pike, perch and trout.

Askesjön and Björkelången are the largest lakes in the area, with great opportunities for catching well-grown fish. Otherwise, you will find many small forest stars in the area. The area is very quiet and you can fish alone and undisturbed.

 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.
 Not in Långtjärnet.

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Skillingmarks FVOF

Organization number: 012130-8282

Skillingmark FVOF was founded in 1990. The association is working on carrying out biotope care measures in lakes and watercourses and arranging various fishing contests in the area. A few years ago we have performed play promoting measures for our excellent stock of trout and plan to continue with this type of effort in more streams. There will also be built wind protection at selected waters to promote well-being and thus fishing activities.

Fn, we have an annual competition in Långtjärn , Boda, which lasts last Saturday in June, or if this happens to be Midsummer, the first weekend in July. This 2-hour competition is about mete with top-knotted lines. Last weekend in July we run our popular bucket competition, which is a team competition with a maximum of 4 participants, and where we most had a total of 66 starting teams / boats!

Customer number: 373, Area: 334.

Contact persons

Jan Hultman
0047 - 46 - 41 42 27


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