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Vallsjön, Stor-Grössjön, Kängsjön, m fl vatten

  Västernorrlands län / Sollefteå municipality.

Wilderness area with excellent perch and pike fishing. In the streams naturally rejuvenated trout.

Height difference 150 m from the Jämtland border to the outlet Lövlundsån.
Good water quality due to calcareous bedrock, which benefits orchids and game.
Good accessibility with county roads and forest car roads.
Wild area with moose, deer, beaver, lynx, forest chickens and birds of prey.

In addition to windshields and bridges, we have built three rest cottages that are open to everyone, but must not be rented.

Two boats are available for hire in the area.

Holiday homes, hostels and campgrounds are in the area. Service with shops, restaurants, stations, culture in Ramsele 2 km from Vallen.

The following waters are found within the fisheries conservation area (, for further information see also map):
Vallsjön, Kängsjön, Greater Grössjön, Flärken, Gammbodtjernnen, Croktjärn, Lavatjärn, Lill-Bodvattennet, Lill-Grössjön, Långtjärnen, Lower Vallvattnet, Nordanbergstjärnen, Sandvikssjön, Stor-Värn Lake, Greater-Grundvattnön , Öster-Terrsjön, Östvattnet, Övre Vallvattnet, Bjurbäcken, Grytån, Ice car loan, Kvarnbrännån, Kängsjöån, Lövlundsån, Stor-Lungnan, Vallsjönoret, Västvattenån.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.

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Ramsele-Vallens FVOF

Fishing area association formed in 1995 for the water of six villages in western Ångermanland towards the Jämtland border. Two miles of flowing water that falls 150m and flows through 14 medium-sized lakes and about ten ponds.

Aim to carry out fishery management and water management as well as provide well-being for the local population and visitors. We look after the interests of the fishing rights owners, the local population, the visitors and protect our water environment.

FISHING EQUIPMENT IN RAMSELE >>>>>>> LEFFEPIRKEN FISHING & LEISURE 073 527 38 69 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> RAMSELE JÄRNHANDEL 0623-10109 >>>>> OKQ8 0623-10276

Organization number: 802426-9535

Customer number: 550, Area: 510.

Contact persons

Stefan Carlén
073 - 839 25 35

Mattias Nordin

070 206 61 73


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Fishing areas nearby Ramsele-Vallens FVOF

Ramselsesjön, Nässjön, Vågdalen
Helgevattnet Fullsjön Öratjärn(put and take)
Nedre Ammeråns FVOF
Stamseleviken, Faxälven, Sporrsjön m fl vatten
Öratjärn, Abborrtjärn, Grönvattnet m fl vatten

Affiliated fishing areas in Västernorrlands län
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