Dalarnas län / Falun municipality.

Week FVOF manages, among other things, parts of Runn, Vikasjön, Lilla Lönnvattnet, Stora Acktjärn and Mörttjärn (see fishing chart for all waters). Week FVOF is located just south of Falun in the heart of Dalarna.

Here is a wide range of fishing possibilities as well as the trolling fisherman as well as for the caught fly fisherman. Runn's beautiful archipelago environment is optimal for the main towns. Vikasjö grønnor is favorable for the big island. The siklöjan in Lilla Lönnvatten makes the ear grow big and strong. An exciting tip for the fly fisherman is to take a late afternoon in the airplane and paddle to wakeful whining like "mumsar" sea lakes in Lilla Lönnvattnet. For the family we can also offer put and take fishing for rainbow in Mörttjärn with bridges and wind shelters.

 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.
 Spouses, cohabitants or children under 16 then fish for the same catch quota as the cardholder.


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We care about our fishing waters. For more information see website:

Organization number: 802600-2322

Customer number: 172, Area: 166.

Contact persons

Håkan Karlsson
0705 - 79 75 26


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Fishing areas nearby Vika FVOF

Dalälven, Trylämnet m fl vatten
Tansen, Grycken, Varpan, Tisken mfl
Stora Lövsjön

Affiliated fishing areas in Dalarnas län
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