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Färnebofjärdens FVOF


With its 4912 hectares, Färnebofjärden is one of the largest fjords in the Dalälven's long course, all the way from Norway's mountain to the Bothnian Sea. In Färnebofjärden you have a fishing that offers lots of different environments with many fishing methods to choose from. Wide bays, narrow channels, …
 Perch  Pike  Zander  Brown Trout 
 Grayling  Common bream  Roach  Ide 
 Burbot  Whitefish  Crucian carp  Common rudd 
 Tench  Eel  Signal crayfish  Crayfish 
 Silver Bream  Common bleak  European bullhead  Smelt 
 Alpine bullhead  Ruffe  Vendace  Common dace 
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