Brown Trout ("Öring") Overview

Brown Trout - Salmo trutta

The trout, Salmo trutta, is loved by most fishermen. A beautiful fish in many shapes that is found in many different environments.
The trout family includes:
Sea trout, coastal trout, brook trout, lake trout and stream trout.
Unlike the relatives grayling and char, the trout is a bit of a lone wolf, as it usually does not go in large shoals.


Trout are found all over Sweden in lakes, rivers, streams, streams, the sea, in brackish, salty and fresh water. It is an incredibly widespread species that came to the interior of Sweden with the ice sheet.
Although trout are widespread throughout Sweden, freshwater trout thrive best in the northern parts of the country in cold, clean & oxygen-rich streams.
Unfortunately, the trout have been left behind a lot due to expansions of hydropower plants. The most important thing for the trout's survival is that it is allowed to roam freely in the currents as the trout always return to their birthplace to spawn.

Size and growth

The trout can be really big, but the growth depends very much on the living conditions.
In northern nutrient-poor waters, it can take several years for a trout to reach over a kilo and it often does not exceed a few kilos. In other waters, the growth phase is completely different and the trout can reach very high weights.

Record size

Swedish angling record is 15.26 kg of trout and lake trout 17.0 kg.

Fishing tips

The trout enjoy standing in stream edges, stand edges, in holes and outlets. Often the really big individuals are well protected and it can therefore be difficult to access them. They have a strong territory thinking, so therefore it may be worthwhile to "tease to bite" with a bait that stands out a little extra.
The best time to fish for trout is at dawn and dusk, which is also when the really big ones leave their sheltered habitats and go out in search of food.

Most efficient fishing methods

Information below is based upon thousands of real catch reports from the past two years.
  1. Jig - maggot
  2. Jig - Shrimp
  3. Jig - Balanspirk
  4. Ice fishing - Maize
  5. Fly fishing (one handed) - Flies - Dry Fly
  1. Spinning - SPOON
  2. Jig - Shrimp
  3. Jig - maggot
  4. Spinning - Spinners between (6-12 grams)
  5. Angling - Mask
  6. Spinning - Spinners large (over 12 grams)
  7. Ice fishing - maggot
  8. Jig - Pirk
  9. Fly fishing (one handed) - Fly - Boobies
  10. Jig - Balanspirk
  1. Spinning - Spinners between (6-12 grams)
  2. Spinning - SPOON
  3. Angling - Mask
  4. Fly fishing (one handed) - Flies - Dry Fly
  5. Spinning - Spinners small (0-5 gr)
  6. Spinning - Spinners large (over 12 grams)
  7. Angling - Manmade / Powerbait / Gulp
  8. Angling - Shrimp
  9. Deadbaiting - Fly - Boobies
  10. Angling - Sand Worm / Snail
  1. Spinning - SPOON
  2. Angling - Mask
  3. Spinning - Spinners between (6-12 grams)
  4. Jig - maggot
  5. Spinning - Wobbler small (0-10 cm)
  6. Spinning - Jig / Soft Bait (Tail / Grub)
  7. Fly fishing (one handed) - Flies - Dry Fly
  8. Spinning - Spinners large (over 12 grams)
  9. Spinning - Flies - Streamers

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