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  Kronobergs län / Uppvidinge Municipality.

BOATS 2020

The boat ramp is not available.

Due to the time-consuming and extensive work at the dam in Klavreström, we will be able to use our boat docks no earlier than the last week of June. We intend to include some worn-out jetty sections and a number of docking buoys as well as redo the numbering of the moorings.

For these reasons, all previous agreements for boat berths are hereby terminated and new agreements will be signed.

Of course, everyone who paid their boat seat in 2019 will be guaranteed a place in the future. We do not plan any price increases this year.

Interested in mooring?

Report your interest by emailing anghultfvof@gmail.com

Änghult fvof

Leif Andersson (Chairman)

Lars Johansson (Bryggansvarig) Tel. 0709-450534

Lake Länghultasjön is a 416 hectare large and 30 meters deep lake in the upper course of Mörrumsån. The lake is located on the Småland highlands in a varied landscape with zipline and wilderness forests in the north as well as Klavrestöms society with boat ramp, swimming area, hostel, golf course, and more in the south.

record Fish
Pike: 11.2 kg (Spinning)
Perch: 1.5 kg (Spinning)

Fishing license
The fishing license only entitles to fishing with hand gear and ice fishing with angeldon. Also included is the right to fish with tow and trolling.

Boats and boat rentals
Hostel Klavreström
Malmgatan 1
364 45 Piano current
Tel: 0474-40944

Boat ramp for insertion of own boat can be found at the mill in Klavreström.

Boat seats are available for seasonal rent at the mill in Klavreström. Price 300 kr.
Contact Joakim Grahn 0708 - 90 04 99

Depth chart
Wrapped depth map of Änghultasjön can be purchased for SEK 170 at:

Joakim Grahn
Kvarngatan 6
364 45 Piano current
Tel. 0474-41151 0708-900499

Other services and activities in the immediate area
Hostel Klavreström
Malmgatan 1
364 45 Piano current
Tel: 0474-40944

Mae Sot Restaurant
Bruksgatan 23
364 45 Piano current
Tel: 0474-40080

htttp: //www.maesot.dinstudio.se

Uppvidinge golf club
Located in Klavreström

Zipline - Little Rock Lake

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 17. (Special rules or exceptions may apply, Read more...)

Fish species









Änghultasjöns FVOF

We offer fishing licenses for sport fishing all year round.

Customer number: 618, Area: 578.

Contact persons

Leif Andersson
0474 - 40102
0708 - 340216


Fishing areas nearby Änghultasjöns FVOF

Hjärtasjön, Skärsjön, Kroksjön mfl
Smålandsfiskarnas dammar i Slageryd

Affiliated fishing areas in Kronobergs län
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