Linnebjörkesjöns FVOF

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  Kronobergs län / Växjö municipality.

Linnebjörkesjön is a relatively shallow lake and with an average depth of about 1.6 meters, a maximum depth of 4.5 meters, about 4km long and 2km wide.

The bottom is sometimes quite rocky, but there are also lots of grass, gravel bottom and deep bottom. There are quite a few rocky areas where many fish thrive, but you must be afraid of the boat at low tide.

The water in the lake is a little darker due to precipitation of humus from the surrounding airfields, the ph value is good and stable, the water system is recalcitrant both up and downstream. Don't be surprised if you see a moose swimming across the lake! In the lake there are several islands of varying sizes, show consideration for bird life there!

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 16.

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Linnebjörkesjöns FVOF

The association was formed in 1977 and is an association of all owners of fishing and fishing rights holders in the villages of Linnebjörke and Näsby. The purpose of the fisheries area is to promote all forms of fishing and fishery management within the affected water areas belonging to the Linnebjörkesjön.

Over the years, we have worked to keep the lake in good health and fishing interesting. On a couple of occasions fish have been planted, e.g. eels and crayfish to try to increase the diversity of the lake. In order to raise capital for these commitments, the association has over the years sold fishing licenses.

Organization number: 829502-9485

Customer number: 649, Area: 609.

Contact persons

Torbjörn Carlsson
073 - 073 66 96

Holger Linnebjörke
070 - 317 11 82


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