Boskvarnasjöns FVOF

  • Pikeperch from Boskvarnasjön.

Boskvarnasjön, Lillesjön

  Jönköpings län and Kronobergs län / Uppvidinge and Vetlanda municipality.

Boskvarnasjön is a deep lake with an average depth of 5.5 meters and a maximum depth of almost 30 meters. The water is a bit silver in character and is surrounded by a beautiful nature with rocks and forest. The bottom consists mostly of stone.

The fish species that are available are pike, perch, whitefish, pikeperch, roach and lake. There have been a few specimens of eels. The most common are catches of pike and perch. The perch is coarse in the lake and rarely weighs less than 2 kg. It is therefore a little harder to catch.

When it comes to baits, spinners in gold and copper as well as applying colors are the perch's favorite. Pikeperch and pike prefer wobblers in natural colors similar to roach, whitefish and perch. The pike is also often taken on spoon pulls in silver type Utö and Atom.

In Lillesjön, which is part of Boskvarnasjön, pike dominate. Lillesjön is at its deepest about 14 meters. It can pay to get to Lillesjön on days when things are not going so well in the large part. This is because the pike here seem to have a different chopping period than those in most of Boskvarnasjön.

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Boskvarnasjöns FVOF

We work to preserve and improve fishing in Boskvarnasjön and Lillesjön with various measures such as liming, rice cane construction, release of fish etc. The Fisheries Conservation Area Association was formed in 1980 and consists of about 12 landowners / fishing rights holders.

Boat is available for rent.
For further information about boat rentals contact Jan Hultinsson, 076-6442700.

Organization number: 202100-2296*

*Register-keeping authority (e.g. a County Administrative Board)
Customer number: 632, Area: 592.

Contact persons

Stefan Grén

0702 - 48 39 48


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