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Ångsågen, Kvarnbäcken, Stormarkselet

  Västerbottens län / Skellefteå municipality.

Welcome to Drängsmarks FVO!

Windbreaks and fireplaces are found in a number of places within Drängsmark's fisheries conservation area. Here is a selection of the lakes and watercourses that Drängsmarks FVO manages and the most common species in each water:

190 ha. Here are pike, perch, roach.

Trout, American brook trout.

8 ha. Here you will find perch, pike, roach, bream and rainbow trout.

Implanted rainbow.
Rainbow is planted in the pond in Kvarnbäcken by the old Ångsågen in Drängsmark. Fishing is easily accessible here and you have good chances of catching it, especially at the fishing premiere.
The fishing premiere is always on the Saturday before midsummer.

Fishing licenses are also available for purchase at the Tourist Office in Skellefteå or at local retailers in the area.

 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.

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Drängsmarks FVOF

Promote urban fishing.

Every year we plant a rainbow in the pond at Ångsågen in Drängsmark, which is one of the village's hubs during the summer.

Organization number: 802426-8594

Customer number: 3125, Area: 3142.

Contact persons

Simon Persson
073 - 960 97 96

Oscar Lundgren
070 - 323 57 60


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