Skellefteå Kommun


Ungdomsfiskekortet Skellefteå kommun

  Västerbottens län / Skellefteå municipality.

Lots of fishing opportunities!

In collaboration with local fishery conservation areas (abbreviated FVO), the Youth Fishing License gives you who is under 16 years of access to fishing in hundreds of fishing waters in large parts of Skellefteå municipality.

The Skellefteå municipality's website contains information and links to all fishery area associations in the municipality. There you can read about the fishing opportunities they offer and also their local fishing regulations.

Read more at:

The Youth Fishing Card allows you to fish in these fishery areas:

  • Avaberg-Holmsund FVO
  • Bure River Upper FVO
  • Bureälven's Lower FVO
  • Veal calf FVO
  • Klintforsåns Nedre FVO
  • Klintforsåns Övre FVO
  • Krångfors FVO
  • Kvistforsens FVO
  • The Kåge River Upper FVO
  • Loss of swamp FVO
  • Longitudinal FVO
  • Risliden Barliden FVO
  • Skellefteå southern FVO
  • Stora Bygdetraskets FVO
  • The Foe's Foe
  • Ullbergsträskets FVO
  • Åbyälven's Lower FVO

EXCEPTION: The Youth Fishing Card does not provide access to fishing in any of the waters where fish are implanted, also known as Put & Take or the abbreviation P&T.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.

Skellefteå Kommun

Organization number: 212000-2643

Logo Skellefteå Kommun

Skellefteå is a municipality in Västerbotten County. The new initiative Ungdomsfiskekortet is a collaboration between the municipality and several local fisheries conservation area associations (FVO).

You will find more information about fishing, fisheries conservation areas and fishing tips at:

Customer number: 1152, Area: 1113.

Contact persons

0910 - 73 50 00


Fishing areas nearby Skellefteå Kommun

Skellefteälven (Skellefteå stadskärna)
Nedre Bureälven
Ragvaldsträsk, Gärdsmarkträsket, Gummarksträsket
Ångsågen, Kvarnbäcken, Stormarkselet
Brännträsket, Ostträsket, Storbäcken m fl vatten

Affiliated fishing areas in Västerbottens län
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