Åreälvens Nedre kortfiskeområde

  Jämtlands län / Åre Municipality.

Åreälven's Lower Card Fishing Area is a collaboration between Helgesjöns FVOF, Litens Västra FVOF and Undersåkersälven FVOF. The short-fishing area offers a joint sports fishing license ( separate cards for each association can still be purchased ). The short fishing area is centrally located in Åre municipality, scenic and easily accessible.

The Åre River belongs to the Natura 2000 area and is protected from hydropower development, the area around the Ristafall is classified as a nature reserve.

In the lakes Helgesjön and Liten there are sows, trout, pike, perch, trout and canadian farming.

Fishing in the lakes is mostly carried out by boat, but winter time from the ice. Åreälven about 15 km of flowing water with an outlet in Lake Liten.

Spin and fly fishing from land after harrow and trout up to the 14 m high Ristafall. Upstream case is only natural stock of trout. The fish can be operated here from land, but also from a boat in the calm seals. The availability of fish is high in our waters.

Helgesjöns FVOF
Helgesjön is located just north of Undersåker. The lake offers a varied fishing for pike, perch, whitefish, harrie, trout and canadian farming.

Litens Västra FVOF
The lake Small between Järpen and Mörsil offers a varied fishing in the river Åreälven. The lake has several in and out races and a host of small islands.

Undersåkersälven FVOF
Located between Åresjön and Liten and is a powerful flowing water with several rapids.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15. (Special rules or exceptions may apply, Read more...)

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Åreälvens Nedre kortfiskeområde

Åreälven's lower short fishing area works to facilitate fishing tourism and increase accessibility in the fishing waters of Åre municipality.

Åre, perhaps most famous for its beautiful winter landscape and alpine activities, has a hidden beauty under the snow cover. When the spring flooded, the streams began to grow pale and the trees grew. Then afterski has been silent for a long time. It is then that the wonderfully beautiful summer landscape turns out to be expected during the snow cover throughout the winter.

With a good and sustainable management of our waters, we want to offer a golden-angled mountain fishing that provides experiences and memories.

Customer number: 366, Area: 327.

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