Södra Anundsjöåns FVO


Åvattnet, Bågasjön, Skalmsjösjön och Södra Anundsjöån.

  Västernorrlands län / Örnsköldsvik Municipality.

Södra Anundsjöån offers nice rags with harr and even calmer parties with perch and pike. For trout and salmon apply "catch & release" in the river.

The archaea has a natural stock of trout, and the early summer often invites orchestras. In the water we expose rainbow and charcoal. Especially the redning seems to be enjoyed in the cold water.

Pimpling in spring winter is recommended on Skalmsjösjön, which has a little rougher perch.

 The area includes one or more fishing areas for catch-and-release, i.e the fishes are gently put back into the water alive.


Org ID: 1001, Area 956

Södra Anundsjöåns FVO

Within the Southern Anundsjöån FVO you can fish for harrie, trout, char, rainbow, perch and pike.

At the lakes, the river and arch arch are wind shelters with fireplaces, bridges and toilets as well as open cabins.

In the village of Långsele there is a cabin for rent and meeting rooms in both Långsele and Skalmsjö. At Bågasjön there is the possibility to stay overnight in a log cabin.

Contact persons

Lars-Göran Westman:
070 - 608 35 34


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