Simlångdalens FVOF


Brearedssjön, Simlången och Gyltigesjön, Töddesjön

  Hallands län / Halmstad Municipality.

The following waters include Gyltigesjön, Töddesjön, Simlången, Brearedssjön and part of the fillet between Brearedssjön and Marbäck.

Boat rent at Tallhöjdens inn.


Org ID: 455, Area 415

Simlångdalens FVOF

Simlångsdalen's FVO is a society whose main task is to nurture and actively work to improve fishing in the fishery area's waters. Gossip implantation has been done for a number of years and now it is also possible to capture it.

Contact persons

Sylve Andersson:
070 - 521 31 92


Fishing areas nearby Simlångdalens FVOF

Lagan, Hjörneredssjön
Stora Färgen, Mellan Färgen, Södra Färgen, Yabergssjön, Hallasjön, Holmsjön

Affiliated fishing areas in Hallands län
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