Torvsjöns FVOF (Halmstad)



  Hallands län / Halmstad municipality.

The lake Torvsjön is situated on the highway 25 c. 1 mile east from Halmstad city center in the direction of Ljungby on the left. Turn in at the sign marked Island.

In Torvsjön there is sparse rainbow trout, but plenty of pike and perch.
Here you can fish with fly, spin or bait hooks all year round.
Only one rod per fishing at a time.

The lake is popular for ice fishing in the winter when the ice conditions are appropriate.

NOTE! The eel is protected and must be released.

Good perch fishing from ice. Catch of max 3 rainbows and pike per day.

Sport fishing may only be carried out by holders of a valid fishing license.

Fishing from a boat or other float can be done from 1 July until 31 December.

NOTE! do not confuse the lake with Toftasjön which lies about 2 kilometers west of Torvsjön.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 16.
 Only hand held equipment

Fish species







Torvsjöns FVOF (Halmstad)

We are a state-owned fishing area. The association includes two lakes; Torvsjön and Toftasjön and is located outside Halmstad, in the eastern direction at highway 25.

Organization number: 849202-3539

Customer number: 1122, Area: 1083.

Contact persons

Arne Andersen


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