Torvsjöns FVOF (Halmstad)



  Hallands län / Halmstad Municipality.

Take a look and try the fishing in scenic Toftas Lake!

In Toftasjön you can fish rainbow trout, pike and perch. When catching pike, please do not postpone it. NOTE! No other fish in addition to these may be caught.

The release of rainbow trout takes place regularly after fishing license sales of 1 - 3 kilograms per sold fishing license. The fish put in varies between 1 - 3 kilos. Some disturbance in the fish can occur during the summer bathing season with many bathers who do not take into account.

There are toilets and barbecue areas adjacent to the lake. C&R may occur, but only if single hook is used and preferably without barbed!

Toftasjön is located about 1 mile east from Halmstad along national road 25. Turn in at the sign marked Toftasjön.

NOTE! Don't confuse Toftasjön with Torvsjön which is 2 kilometers east.

 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.

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Torvsjöns FVOF (Halmstad)

Vi är ett statsnära fiskevårdsområde. I föreningen ingår två sjöar; Torvsjön och Toftasjön och ligger utanför Halmstad, i östlig riktning vid riksväg 25.

Contact persons

Björn Clason:
070 - 514 53 60



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