Aktivera Ösjönäs AB


Fiskeområde vid Tivedens Nationalpark

  Örebro län / Laxå municipality.

In the Big and Little Triangle, the fishing licenses apply in the parts that are not Tiveden National Park, see map. Here you will find good perch & pike fishing. You can rent a rowing boat, kayak & canoe.

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Aktivera Ösjönäs AB

Organization number: 5566434915

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Ösjönäs Tivedens Activity and Adventure Center

Here you can stay, eat well, rent a canoe, kayak or rowing boat. Do lots of fun activities and fishing of course. For more info about our products and experiences, see the website: https://osjonas.se

Ösjönäs also has a fishing equipment store run by Hökensås.

Customer number: 3157, Area: 3191.

Contact persons

+46 505-25022


Fishing areas nearby Aktivera Ösjönäs AB

Tivedenområdet (Hökensås)
Spåndals Bergsjö
Medlemskap Karlsborgsortens Fiske och fiskevårdsförening

Affiliated fishing areas in Örebro län
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