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  Örebro län and Västra Götalands län / Laxå, Karlsborg and Töreboda municipality.

Lake Unden in Tiveden is classified as national interest. It is a groundwater lake, the inflow through the bottom is about 40% of the total inflow. Unden is one of our country's foremost Great Trout Lakes, both the lake's topography and its ecosystem are suitable for trout. Unden has clear cold water, the average depth of the lake is 32 m and maximum depth is 108 m.

Unden's area is 9540 ha and the lake has 13 streams as inflows. Drainage is effected through three power plants located in Edsån that connect Unden with Lake Viken. The average water flow in Edsån is 3.5 m3 per second. Göta Kanalbolag AB, which has the original water right, provides Göta Kanal with the required water level for sailing.

In the lake there are char, trout, whitefish (3 variants), pike, perch, lake, nors, moor / leg moor, roach, larva, yarrow, grayling. The biggest caught fish in Unden are; trout 10.5 kg, trout 14.4 kg, whitefish 3.2 kg, perch 2.8 kg and pike 17.0 kg.
The trout plays in running water in the larger streams. The newly hatched trout live one to two years in the brook, then go out into the lake and eat big. After a few years, a number of these return to the birth pelvis for new play.

The streams and Edsån which connects Unden with Viken does not belong to the fishery area.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 14.

Fish species



Ökat genom predation på kräftor



Mycket stora gäddor finns ute i sjön



Betesfisk som återhämtat sig efter att kalkningen startade

Signal crayfish


Inplanterad på 1980-talet och är nu etablerad i större delen av sjön



Vikande population och stödinsättning diskuteras



3 arter finns



Förekommer mest som smålake

Brown Trout


Vi har nu en självlekande stam som är i ökande

Brook trout


Finns lokalt i ett tillflöde men ingår inte i UFVO



Kanalbolaget planterade in ål under flera år men nu är den så gott som borta

Undens FVO

Organization number: 866000-5698

Undens Fiskerrettförening was formed in the mid-1950s. This association was formed to act as an active counterpart to Sweden's first commercial nuclear power plant, which was never placed at Unden.

To get help with liming measures when the pH value in the lake approached 5.0, the Undens Fiskevårds AREA Association was formed. Since 1977, Undens FVOF has received government grants for liming measures.

Limestone crusher has been run out on the char's playgrounds. The flow of the ovens is calculated annually by boat and helicopter. Water samples are taken 4 times a year at 5 predetermined locations to monitor water quality over time. The pH value of the water is now good and is kept at the right level with the aid of liming. Fishing rules have been introduced to maintain sustainable fishing.

Customer number: 166, Area: 131.

Contact persons

Christer Johansson:
070-625 49 46


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