Örebro län.
  • Aktivera Ösjönäs AB
  • Laxåsjöarnas FVF
  • Undens FVO
  • Lilla Bergsholmen
  • Mellre Fisklösen
  • Hyrsjö (Hasselfors Fiskeområde)


Örebro County is located in southern Svealand and has Örebro as a residential town.

In Örebro County, there are many fishing lakes, more or less about 9000 lakes and over 500 rivers. From the big lakes Hjälmaren and Vättern to small separated forest stars and streams.

Affiliated fishing areas in Laxå kommun

  Aktivera Ösjönäs AB
  Hasselfors Fiskeområde
  Hökensås Sportfiske AB
In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.

  Laxåsjöarnas FVF
  Skagerns FVOF
  Undens FVO
Yep, We sell permits for this area!We don't sell permits in this area

Catch reports

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Fishing guides in Laxå kommun

 Here you will find Guides and Instructors operating in the swedish area of Laxå kommun. Many of these guides also work as freelance guides in other parts of the country and the world.
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