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Fliseryds SFK

  Kalmar län / Mönsterås municipality.


Fliseryd Sportfiskeklubb offers fishing in three categories of water.
Emån : 25 km of stream fishing with salmon and the world's largest sea trout + approx. 20 species of fish.
Lakes Skiren, Försjö, Lockegölarna and part of Klogöl: natural stocks with, among other things, pike and perch.
Hällesjöarna : Put and take fishing for rainbow trout.

Fishing water:
The club leases fishing in 7 lakes and approx. 25 km of beach at Emån and Kvillen. Please note that a special fishing license is required for fishing in the Hällesjöarna.

In Emån and Kvillen, you have the opportunity to fish on varying stretches from the Kvillen inlet down to Oxholmarna, almost down by the Grönskog area. It is important that you look at the map of the club's fishing waters so that you do not fish in areas that the club does not have the right to fish on. In Emån's waters there are many exciting species of fish to fish for, for example salmon, sea trout, pike, perch, pike, and more. In Emån there are also moths and eels, but they are protected and may not be fished. If you accidentally catch a mallard or eel on the hook, it must be immediately released back.

In Skiren, Försjö, Klogöl, Stora and Lilla Lockegöl you fish on the natural fish stocks. The most common are perch, pike and roach that nibble, but there may be a few more fish species depending on the lake you fish in.

In Stora and Lilla Hällesjöarna, the club has a fishery for implanted rainbow trout, and here you need a special fishing license. Rainbow trout are released regularly in these lakes.
In Lilla Hällesjön, only fly fishing with a fly rod is permitted.

The camp at Jungnerholmarna

On Jungnerholmarna in Fliseryd is the club's fishing camp with a newly built well-equipped community cabin and four smaller rental cabins with 4-5 beds each for our fishing guests and other visitors.

Bring your own linen. There is also linen to rent through the cottage hosts.

Cottage rental

SEK 300 per person per day.

If you want to rent a cabin, please contact our cabin host Jan Johansson on phone 073-912 68 99.


The club has rowing boats in Stora Hällesjön, Skiren and Försjö as well as a boat at Gåsgöl in Emån.

Those who have a fishing license can borrow these free of charge on your fishing trip. You cannot book the boats in advance.

In return, you clean the boat after you use it.


Biotope care

The club is actively working to restore play and children's areas in Emån.

Right now, the focus is on the Jungner area, to develop it as a "nursery" for salmon and sea trout.

Implemented measures are followed up with electrofishing.

Fisheries supervision

In order to prevent poaching and at the same time be able to provide service at the fishing waters, the club has about ten fishing supervisors appointed by the county board.

So take the opportunity to get some fishing tips when the inspector/woman comes to check your fishing license.


The club annually organizes club championships in pike fishing, angling and pike fishing.

As a member, you are of course welcome to participate in the fight to become club champion.

You can also participate in the specimen competition Fiskeliga , which runs throughout the year.

You can find information about when the competitions are on our website, www.fliserydsfk.se .

Fishing water


Fliseryd's SFK leases a significant stretch (approx: 25 km) of Emån which the Club leases for sport fishing in exchange for a fishing license.

Overnight accommodation with amenities is offered at the club's fishing camp at low prices.

The lease stretch starts at Ryssäng upstream of Finsjö and stretches down to Oxholmarna.

The stretch is rich in flowing sections and is excellent for fly and spin fishing.

There are of course several interesting fishing spots.

Fishing may be conducted by both spinning and fly fishermen on the entire stretch.

There is thus no zoning for spinning or fly fishing.

There is plenty of space for those fishing and there is no risk of congestion at the water's edge.

Most of the time, the angler can select an "own" interesting part of the stream that can be fished in peace and quiet.

There are about 20 species of fish in the water. The most popular is fishing for salmon, sea trout, pike, pike and perch.

The quill

Kvillen is a 4km long branch of the Emån which merges with the Emån's main channel in the community of Fliseryd.

This branching (gill) is available for salmon and sea trout.

The brook also has a population of stationary trout.

The river is fine flowing in almost its entire stretch.

The clear

Skiren is a nutrient-poor spring lake with gravelly sandy bottoms and beautiful surroundings.

The water is clear and the beaches are flat, mountainous and rich in boulders.

Fish stocks are good. In the lake there are perch, pike, gers, roach, roach and tench.

At the lake there is a popular municipal bathing area with changing rooms and toilets.

Opportunities for natural camping are available by the lake.

The club has two rowing boats in the lake that can be freely borrowed by those with a fishing license. As a thank you, the boats are cleaned well afterwards

the fishing trip. It is permitted to use an electric boat engine in the lake.

Fore lake

Försjö is a nutrient-poor lake with beautiful surroundings of heather forest. The water is clear and the beaches are boulder-rich or of boulders interspersed with marshlands. The lake is 96 ha in size and the maximum depth is 8.9 meters and is located in the southern part of the lake. Försjö was whitewashed for the first time in 1977 and has been whitewashed regularly since then.

The lake has good stocks of perch, pike, roach and tench. Försjö is known for its coarse perch.

The Mönsteråsleden passes by the southern part of the lake.

The club has two rowing boats in the lake that can be borrowed freely by those with a fishing license. As a thank you, the boats are cleaned well afterwards

the fishing trip. It is permitted to use an electric boat engine in the lake.

Stora and Lilla Hällesjön

These lakes are once rotenone-treated and distinctly rainbow waters.

Ready-to-catch rainbow trout are released regularly. The fishing in these lakes is very popular, as it is of a high standard. There are also a number of shelters with barbecue areas. Floating is allowed.

In Lilla Hällesjön, only fly fishing with fly line and fly rod is allowed.

A maximum of 2 fish may be caught per day. Ice fishing is not allowed.

In Stora Hällesjön, spinning, fly fishing, angling and pimping are allowed. Boats are available in Stora Hällesjön, which can be used free of charge by those who have a fishing license. No own boats or boat engines may be used in the lake.

A maximum of 2 fish may be caught per day.

Ice fishing for perch, rainbow trout with 1 rod/card (pimple or ice fishing rod).

Ice fishing for pike with 6 ice fishing rods/fishing rods per fishing license is permitted.

Big and Little Lockegöl

Stora and Lilla Lockegöl are two small lakes located upstream of Försjö. The lakes are limed regularly. The water is humic (brown in color).

Stora Lockegöl is about 2 ha in size and has a maximum depth of 3.7 m. The beaches are mostly rich in reeds.

The surroundings are largely spruce forest.

Lilla Lockegöl is about 1 ha in size, but deeper than large ones. The maximum depth is 8.6 m. The beaches have a border of reeds.

The surroundings are largely heathland forest with pine.

Perch and pike are found in the lakes.

Permitted fishing methods are spinner, fly, hook and hook (max. 6)

Part of Klogöl

Klogöl is a humus (brown colored water) forest lake. The club's most wilderness water. To get to the lake, you have to drive about 3 km on a forest road. The surroundings consist for the most part of heathland stable forest. The lake is 5 ha in size and the maximum depth is 8 m. Only perch occurs in the lake.

Permitted fishing methods are spinning, fly and pimpel.

 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.
 The area includes one or more fishing areas for catch-and-release, i.e the fishes are gently put back into the water alive.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 14.
 For club members only
 Junior membership costs SEK 25 per year.

Fish species







Rainbow trout


Finns i Stora och Lilla Hällesjöarna

Sea trout


Emån och Kvillen



Emån och Kvillen



Emån och Kvillen



Emån Fridlyst Återutsätt Omedelbart











Fliseryds Sportfiskeklubb

Logo Fliseryds Sportfiskeklubb

We wish you a welcome to Fliseryd Sportfiskeklubb and hope you will have great experiences at our fishing waters.
We also hope you have interesting meetings with other anglers at our waters or at our club meetings. Below we provide information about our waters and our operations.
Feel free to contact someone on the board or the contact persons if you have views on or ideas for our operations.
Welcome to Fliseryd's Sportfishing Club.
The Board of Directors

Fliseryd sport fishing club started in 1959.

The club is based in Fliseryd but operates in both Mönsterås and Oskarshamn municipalities.
We are around 250 members, from Stockholm in the north to Skåne in the south, as well as some members from Denmark and Germany.
But after all, most of the members come from Mönsterås, Oskarshamn and Högsby municipalities.

The club's vision

Fliseryd's Sportfishing Club will offer sport fishing with good service and great nature experiences.

Organization number: 832800-7656

Customer number: 3256, Area: 3321.

Contact persons

Jan Johansson
0739 - 12 68 99


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