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  Västra Götalands län / Karlsborg Municipality.
Gällsjön is a 80-hectare lake located in the municipality of Karlsborg 2 km north of Mölltorp.
The water is clean and clear maximum depth is about 17m. There are pike, perch, roach with several species in the lake.
Fishing rights leased from 2011 by Artedi fishing and water conservation association.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15. (Special rules or exceptions may apply, Read more...)


Artedi Fiske och vattenvårdsförening

Artedi fishing and water conservation association is a nonprofit organization that is connected to Anglers. We work with active fish conservation of living water, children and youth fishing and very different.

Customer number: 145, Area: 110.

Contact persons

Ingemar Axelsson

Viktor Bengtsson


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