Gräsmångens FVOF

  Värmlands län / Forshaga, Hagfors and Karlstad municipality.

Gräsmången's FVOF includes lake Gräsmången, as well as in the northern part Kalven and Skärgesälven.
It is located within four municipalities, Hagfors, Karlstad and smaller parts of Forshaga and Munkfors Municipalities.
The lake is surrounded by woodlands; the water is slightly brown from humic substances.
Largely rocky bottom with some shallows.
Reeds and other aquatic vegetation occur sparingly.
Mainly pike and perch are fished, which can occasionally be very rewarding.
Gräsmången is a water source for Östanås village, Älvsbacka.
It is relatively tightly regulated, with occasional low water levels. Liming is done regularly.
A berth for boats is available in Gällsviken. It has a concrete slab at the bottom, and was completed in autumn 2022.
Depth map can be downloaded from Hagfors Municipality's website.
The area is 433 hectares, including Kalven (17 hectares), and the greatest measured depth is 28 meters.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 16.

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Gräsmångens FVOF

Gräsmångens FVOF was formed in 1989.
The association's main task is to conduct fisheries management, ie to nurture, develop and improve fishing and its conditions in our fishing waters.

Organization number: 802010-8588

Customer number: 743, Area: 703.

Contact persons

Tony Edvardsson

0738 - 07 66 32

Jan Bengtsson

0703 - 97 05 30


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