Hästsjöns FVO



  Jönköpings län / Nässjö Municipality.
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Fishing for pike is magnificent in Lake Hästsjön, which is equipped with pikes of 10 kilograms and more. 2-4 kilos are regular weights. Trolling normally yields good results while pike fishing. Sometimes even fishing for perch can be truly rewarding, regardless if you angle with natural bait or fish with jig. Hästsjön has the potential to deliver perch between one and one and a half kilo.
During a visit in Hästsjön an evening in May, pike fishing was really hectic. A strong wind was blowing from the north, so we decided to cross the lake to find a bay with shelter. In the outlet bay full of water vegetation, the pike where intense in their search for food and launched at every bait which was thrown to them. Pike fishing in Hästsjön can be as easy as that when you pick the right evening during the after-spawning fishing. 


Org ID: 248, Area 209

Hästsjöns FVO

You will find the boatramp and boats for hire in the southwest part of the lake. Please contact Gunvor or Göthe Ericsson, Bo Thulin or Bertil Svensson, see above. 

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