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  Jönköpings län / Aneby and Nässjö municipality.

Anebysjön is a nutritious lake located south of Aneby, east of Jönköping. There is a boat ramp for setting your own boat at Målsånna.

Fishing season and fishing methods

Spider fishing and trolling: Pike April - November, Perch May - October, Gossip April-November
Mete: Perch April - August, Sutare and Mört May - September
Pimpfish: Perch December - March

Fishing licenses

Purchased online via
Målsånna Tourism & Agriculture, Målsånna 1, 578 93 Aneby, Tel: 0706588881
AnebyTuristbyrån, Storgatan 48, 578 22 Aneby, Tel: 0380-462 40, Email:


In order to promote sustainable use of fishing, facilitate fishing supervision and increase the well-being of visiting our fishing waters, the fishery area has decided on certain rules to be followed when fishing. The following rules apply to fishing in the Anebysjö fishing area:

• Capture catch limit on gusts, maximum 2 gusts may be retained per fishing day.
• Only gusts within the range of 45 - 70 cm may be picked up and kept. Other gos shall be reassured in the lake.
• For trolling fish, a maximum of 2 spikes per card and person may be used

If you violate any of the association's rules, a check charge of 1000 kr will be charged.

Boats and boat rentals

Målsånna Tourism & Agriculture
Goal month 1
578 93 Aneby
Tel: 070-6588881

5 boats
Cost: 150 SEK / day, 800 SEK / week

Boat launch for own boat is located at Målsånna.

fish Service

Sale of fishing gear

Norra Storgatan 22
575 32 Eksjö
Tel: 0381-126 81

Other services and activities in the immediate area

Målsånna Tourism & Agriculture
Goal month 1
578 93 Aneby
Tel: 070-6588881

Offers fishing licenses, boats and accommodation in cabins or campsites at the campsite.
Also, you can order an outdoor cooking experience with main course fish.


You are welcome to contact us for more information about Anebysjöns fishing area.

Rickard Carlsson
Mariagatan 23 b
57193 Nässjö
Tel: 076-77 189 00

Niklas Eriksson
Syreda 2
578 95 Flisby
Tel: 070 268 21 36


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Fish species









Anebysjöns FVOF

Welcome to Anebysjöns fishing area!

Our association works to improve the service and availability of guests visiting our fishing waters. We offer different varieties of fishing licenses for sport fishing and all year round and with different validity periods.

Organization number: 802600-6224

Customer number: 899, Area: 859.

Contact persons

Rickard Carlsson
0767 - 71 89 00


Fishing areas nearby Anebysjöns FVOF

Rosjön, Rogölen
Norra Vixen

Affiliated fishing areas in Jönköpings län
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