Norra Vixens FVOF


Norra Vixen

  Jönköpings län / Eksjö municipality.

North Vixen is located in Emån main catchment area, 5km west of the city of Eksjö. Sea height is 215 masl (meters above sea level) and its area amounts to 171ha. North Vixen is classified as very high nature according to System Aqua with high species richness and high naturalness (County Administrative Board of Jönköping). North Vixen has a diverse fish community dominated by perch and roach. The lake also has strong stocks of signal crayfish, pike and bream. North Vixen is known for its large pike and a good perch fishing. Pike at 16 kg and 2 kg Perch have been caught in the lake. The most common fishing methods in the lake are spinning, jigging and angling.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 13.

Norra Vixens FVOF

The association works for sustainable fishing for our and future generations.

Organization number: 642242-4314

Customer number: 478, Area: 438.

Contact persons

Karl-Oskar Ugarph
0766 - 34 71 60

Carl-Johan Wilhelmsson
0381 - 810 65

Jonas Hultberg
0706 - 82 50 54


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