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  Jönköpings län / Nässjö Municipality.
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Skärsboda Fishing Area offers fishing in Lake Skärvingen, which is a small, nutrient-poor lake with clear water and a maximum depth of a little more than 20 metres. The lake is located just northeast from Lake Nömmen, close to the village of Stensjön. The shores are dominated by rocks and stone and the water vegetation is very sparse. Perch of small size dominate the lake, but there are possibilities to catch bigger perch for those who give Skärvingen the chance. Perch of more than 1,5 kilos have been caught in the past few years. Fish of that size, however, are not numerous and pretty hard to catch.
The pike population is sparse, but the pike have a good average weight of around 2 kilos. Other species in the lake are roach and vendace, and there are also sparse populations of burbot and tench. While sport fishing in the lake it is common to see birds such as black-throated diver, goosander and, if you are lucky, even the osprey. There are two islands in the west part of the lake and a great part of the shores of the lake have summer cottages on them. Spin fishing and angling are the two most used methods by sport fishermen visiting the lake. 


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Skärsboda FVO

There are boats with motors for hire – please contact Christer Währborg, see above. There is also a boat ramp in the lake – contact Christer Währborg or Marga Svensson for more information

Accommodation possibilities
Rödjenäs gård, 574 95 Björköby, 0046380-91120,
Christer Währborg, Hansarpsvägen 6, 571 93 Nässjö, 0046380-91044,

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