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  Jönköpings län / Vetlanda municipality.

Welcome to our beautiful lake Lillnommen!

This lake (which is also called Lilla Nommen) is a lake in Vetlanda municipality in Smaland and is part of Eman system. The lake is between five and six meters in the deepest places, it has an area of 1.07 square kilometers and is located 219 meters above sea level. The lake is dewatered through a handmade channel called the "Lillnommen canal" which opens into the lake Nommen. Perch, bream, pike, and lye are the more common fish species. Also pike-perch and eel have been caught in the lake.

The perch fishing is really good, with many caught perch of about 1.5 kilos. Several pike have also been caught which have been around 8-10 kilos and also bigger.

Boats available for rent, please contact one of the following
- Mats Lindgren, Djuvanäs, +46708855953
- Jakob Stark, Djuvanäs, +46761944712
- Jan-Eric Löfgren, Hjerkanstorp, +4638361091
- Kurt Andersson, Djuvanäs, +46761701073
- Fam Hagerbonn, Morsarvet av Sjöfälla, +46760006003

Price: 300 SEK/day rowing boat, and 1500 SEK/week. Motor is 150 SEK/day. The boat must be cleaned by the person who rented after use.

Houses are available for rent, please contact one of the following
- Fam Frödå, Nävelsjöås, +4638361024
- Fam Andersson, Djuvanäs, +46761701073
- Fam Hagerbonn, Morsarvet af Sjöfälla, +46760006003


 The area includes one or more fishing areas for catch-and-release, i.e the fishes are gently put back into the water alive.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 16.

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Lilla Nömmens FVOF

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Lilla Nommen Fishing Area offers fishing in the lake "Lillnömmen" to sport fishers who are careful and aware of the rules that apply to fishing in our lake. Lilla Nommen has a relatively diverse fish and bird fauna, a 1.07 square kilometer lake surface, a shoreline with a majority of reed, but with elements of sandy & rocky beach lines.

Organization number: 802427-2646

Customer number: 497, Area: 457.

Contact persons

Jakob Stark

0761 -  94 47 12

Mats Lindgren

0708 -  85 59 53

Carl-David Hagerbonn

0760 -  00 60 03


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