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Fishing permits for Lilla Nömmens FVOF 

Sportfiskesäsongen gäller mellan 1 april - 31 oktober. Fisketillsyn sker regelbundet. Straffavgift mellan 400 -1000 kr. Sportfisket begränsas mellan 1/8 till 15/8 att gälla stillasittande fiske mellan 06:00-20:00. Trolling är alltså inte tillåtet under denna period. Minimått på gädda 45-85 cm. Minimått på gös 45-70 cm. Max 3 gösar/kort och dag, max 3 Spön per kort. Fiskekortet medger gratis fiske för barn (till och med det år det fyller 16 år), samt för maka/sambo i sällskap med fiskekortsinnehavaren. Säsongskortet gäller även för fiske från is, dock ej angel och ismete. Fysiska fiskekort finns även för den som vill ha en souvenir. Kontakta oss via telefon för fysiskt fiskekort.


The sports fishing season is valid from 1 January to 31 December. Fishing supervision takes place regularly. Penalty fee between SEK 400-1000. Sport fishing is limited between 1/8 and 15/8 to apply for sedentary fishing between 06: 00-20: 00. Trolling is thus not allowed during this period. Minimum size of pike 45-85 cm. Minimum size of pike-perch 45-70 cm. Max 3 rods per card. The fishing permit allows free fishing for children (to the year they reach the age of 16), and for the partner in company with the fishing license holder. The season card also applies to fishing from ice, but not "angel" and ice rod fishing. Physical fishing licenses are not available.

You can buy a fishing license from us on iFiske! All fishing license we sell are digital and a receipt is provided to you by eMail and as a normal text message just before fishing license to take effect. Lilla Nömmens FVOF reports no MOMS (VAT, swedish sales tax).
Årskort (kalenderår 1 Jan - 31 dec)
 Price: 600 kr (SEK, Incl. VAT)
Week card
 Price: 300 kr* (SEK, Incl. VAT)
Day permit
 Price: 100 kr* (SEK, Incl. VAT)

*When ordering via SMS can traffic charges may apply. Parental consent or 18 years applies . Fishing license is personal to the mobile phone owner , and must be purchased BEFORE start of the fishery . The exact time of the purchase is recorded centrally and can be controlled. You are registered as a client to the current fisheries management organization and , which reserves the right to send information and offers to you . All information is protected and treated in accordance with our privacy policy .
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