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Södra Wixen

  Jönköpings län / Eksjö municipality.

Lake Södra Wixen is just over 510 ha and belongs to Emåns water system and is one of the top branches of Solgendelen.

The lake has strong stocks of coarse perch and pike. Perch fishery is perhaps one of the best in the country, both in terms of quantity and size, both summer and winter. Perch over the kilo border is commonplace. The largest documented perch in the lake was 1.9 kg. The largest landing pike is so far is just over 14 kg. The lake also has a strong stock of crabs, which is a good birthplace for the coarse perch and pike of the lake. On the other hand, the fish for the signal crab is limited to landowners only.

The most common fishing in the lake is spider fishing, pimpel and trolling, but mete from the boat can be catchy. Pimp fish and ice cream are popular when the ice is wearing.

Södra Wixen is a clear water lake with very good water quality and is classified as Natura 2000 area. An example of the good water quality is the presence of valuable and rare species eg. blue-green algae. The lake is one of the county's most important recreational fishing lakes. South Wixen has high biodiversity, mainly due to a relatively high species of fish and bird life, a large lake surface and a varied shoreline. Among the nesting bird species in the lake are osprey large lambs, beardbugs, small and big-hawks, snap and mackerel. Fish species in the lake: perch, pike, roach, hunter, brax, sik, lake, sarv and bergsimpa.

Depth map available.

Boat ramp is at Paradis.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 17.

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Södra Wixens FVOF

Södra Wixen FVOF manages the fishing in the lake and offers sport fishing to the public.

The association wants to protect the lake's good status and to offer sustainable fishing based on knowledge of the lake's long-term production capacity.

Organization number: 802444-1688

Customer number: 394, Area: 356.

Contact persons

Lennart Swärdh
0705 - 75 11 44


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