Hemlings FVOF


Hemlingsån, Stor-Siktensjön, Lill-Siktensjön mfl

  Västernorrlands län / Örnsköldsvik municipality.

Hemling FVO welcomes you to fish in summer and winter in a beautiful northern nature.
We recommend winter fishing for char fishing for char in Lill-Siktensjön, which is beautifully located by road 352 between Hemling and Nyliden. Thanks to the good depth of view in the small "mountain lake", you can e.g. engage in kik angling in parts of the lake. The deepest part of the lake is about 28 meters. Annual introduction of char.
Windbreaks and a small cottage with stove and wood are located by the lake.
In summer there is fine fishing for trout and grayling for the beautiful Hemlingsån.
Fishing for perch and pike is recommended for fishing in Lill-Hemlingen and Stor-Siktensjön. Fine perch and pike fishing are also available along the beautiful Gideälven approx. 4 km starting from Gammelby power plant dam north to the suspension bridge in Nyliden where the supply of these fish species is good. There, the boat is approved for use. Wind protection is available with a grill ring at Lill-Hemlingen which is located along the road between Hemling and Storborgaren, about 3 kilometers from Hemling
ICA Lanthandel and Bilisten petrol station with kiosk are located in Hemling.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 16.
 Valid only in certain waters or in certain places, see fishing rules / comment
 Not in Lill-Siktensjön.

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Hemlings FVOF

Organization number: 802427-1028

Hemlings FVO is located 5 kilometers north of Örnsköldsviks. Drive road 352 from Örnsköldsvik towards Fredrika.

Customer number: 969, Area: 924.

Contact persons

Bengt Edvardsson
0702 - 13 48 86


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Affiliated fishing areas in Västernorrlands län
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