Stuguns FVOF

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Hornsjön, Indalsälven, Mörtsjöarna mfl

  Jämtlands län / Ragunda municipality.

Hornsjön closes 7/11 for rainbow trout planting. We open again on 26/12 at 10.00. 26/12 - 31/12 the cards at Hornsjön cost SEK 200. After that it is SEK 150. Max 3 fish per card. In Hornsjön, day passes are valid from 00.00 to 24.00. On Lake Hornsjön, fishing from shore is only permitted during the summer. Boats are prohibited. At Hornsjön, an inspection fee is applied in case of violation of the association's rules.

During the summer of 2023, we plant Rainbow up to 4 kg. During the autumn, we plant 500kg of Rainbow before the winter's fishing.

Keep in mind that there is poor phone coverage at Hornsjön, so get your fishing license before you get to the lake.

Stugun's FVO has magnificent nature on both sides of the Indalsälven with many rivers, streams and ponds and where recreational fishing has been improved in recent years with very good results.

Here you can find trout, char, rainbow trout, whitefish, grayling, grayling, perch, roach and pike.

The area includes almost three miles of the Indalsälven from the Midskog power plant to the upper part of the Gesunden, with alternating lake and river character. It is possible to fish both by boat and from land. Wind shelters with barbecue areas are available at popular beach cutting sites.

There are launching ramps at the river between Stuguns and Näverede power plants. During the summer of 2023, we will open two boat launch sites. One above Skönvik and one in Näverede.


 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.
 Only in company with a keeper / adult / person who holds a valid fishing license (on his quota)

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Stuguns FVOF

Organization number: 892600-3354

Customer number: 414, Area: 375.

Contact persons

Mikael Jonson
0702 - 05 33 30

Jan-Owe "jojo" Johansson   
0701 - 74 62 10




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