Klockas Samff


Klocktjärn och Svarttjärn

  Jämtlands län / Åre municipality.

Welcome to two beautiful ponds within Klocka's community with trout and char. Klocktjärn is located west of Klockavägen and is accessible by car. Svarttjärn is east of the road, about a kilometer's walk from the car park. At Klocktjärn there are two shelters with barbecue areas, one at the western end and one at the eastern end. Grilling only at the grill sites. There is an outhouse at the outlet of the pond. Alternative sales via Outby.

Fish species



Klockas Samff

Klocka Community Association manages the individual road from E14 to Klocka as well as the collective fishing within the lakes Klocktjärn and Svarttjärn as well as Klocka's share of the fishing in Ånnsjön

Organization number: 716414-9663

Customer number: 3444, Area: 3502.

Contact persons

Lars Göransson
070-653 97 63


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Affiliated fishing areas in Jämtlands län
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