Häggsjön med tjärnar


Häggsjön, Holmtjärn, Hallåstjärn, Diggernästjärn m.fl

  Jämtlands län / Åre municipality.

Häggsjön is a mountainous lake and some ponds with natural stocks of char and trout northwest of Duved.

 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 17.
 Can fish on someone elses fishing permit (but the person does not need to be)

Fish species

Brown Trout






I Häggsjön

Häggsjön med tjärnar

Organization number: 556023-8338

BillerudKorsnäs is a Swedish company in the pulp and forestry industry. We own hunting grounds and fishing waters in Jämtland. The company offers packaging materials sustainable materials and new solutions that increase customer profitability while reducing the environmental impact.

Customer number: 961, Area: 916.

Contact persons

Kjell-Åke Hammar
0702 -11 23 64

Moud Mattsson
Njarka Häggsjönäs
0767 - 70 07 79


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Affiliated fishing areas in Jämtlands län
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