Hörle FVO


Lagan, Ruskån och Härån

  Jönköpings län / Värnamo municipality.
Hörle FVO manages the water in the River Lagan, Ruskån and Haran. In the association water included Lagan River from the bridge of the new E4
at cross creek through the dam at Karlefors, Haran from the border between Gräshult and Hemmershult and Ruskån from the bridge over the road L27 at Råshult Haran, all in Värnamo and Vaggeryd.

Exception: Haran from the bridge Fryele Mill ca. 900 meters downstream, the flame of the power station in Hörle 1000 meters upstream and 200 meters downstream and the flame of the power station in Karlefors 100 meters upstream.

The pictures are taken in Haran. The bridges located at Hörle rest area along the E4 just north of Värnamo. This can be a useful starting point.

The second image is a view the stream. The surroundings are pretty overgrown so that a canoe is a clear advantage in fishing in the area.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.

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Hörle FVO

Since 1992, the association manages fisheries within parts of Lagan, Härån and Ruskån. The purpose and goal is to promote the common interests of fishermen, as well as to raise and promote public interest in fishing in the area.

Organization number: 802600-3577

Customer number: 317, Area: 279.

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