Fiska i Värnamo kommun

  Jönköpings län
  • Rannässjöns FVO
  • Bolmens FVOF
  • Rusken FVO
  • Flåren FVO
  • Hörle FVO
  • Furens FVO
  • Lyen-Rymmen-Lången mfl sjöars FVOF
  • Hindsens FVOF
  • Vidösterns FVO


Fishing in the municipality of Värnamo!

In Värnamo municipality you will find very exciting water with most of our Swedish fish species. In several of the lakes there is the possibility to rent a boat or to launch your own boat.

Vidostern is a large lake with an equally large variety of species. Both pike-perch and pike over ten kilos have been caught, and there are good stocks of bream, roach, eel and whip for the meter. There are also plenty of sandy beaches by the lake for those who want to take a relaxing break in the fishing.

Other lakes that are worth visiting are, for example, Rusken, known for its rich geese, and Furen. The furrow holds eight different species where the pike and the bark may be the most interesting. Two lakes where both trolling and vertical fishing are effective methods for good catching!

If you want a real challenge, then go to Bolmen! Sweden's tenth largest lake, which contains 26 different species. The most common are pike, pike and perch, all of which are in large specimens! The infinitely many bays and islands are fine biotopes for large fish, and a beautiful environment for the fisherman.

The Flåren is also well worth a visit. A rocky lake with an archipelago feel and fine stocks of pike, pike and perch.

For the fly fisherman Kalvsjön is recommended in the eastern part of the municipality. Here are fantastic rainbows and trout in a scenic environment!

When fishing and staying in the wild, the Alliance Court applies, which means freedoms but also consideration and responsibility. Eels occur in some of the municipality's lakes. Eel fishing is allowed more than three definite migratory obstacles from the sea, but the minimum dimension is 70 centimeters in all waters.

Värnamo Tourist Information: 0370-188 99,
Visit for more information about accommodation options, restaurants and suggestions for activities in Värnamo and the surrounding area.

Affiliated fishing areas in Värnamo

  Bolmens FVOF
  Flåren FVO
  Furens FVO
  Hindsens FVOF
  Hörle FVO
  Lyen-Rymmen-Lången mfl sjöars FVOF
  Rannässjöns FVO
  Rusken FVO
  Vidösterns FVO
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The most recent catch reports

Adam Strandberg, 20-10-17
 Fishing method:Trolling
 Best lure/bait:Spinner midsize (6-12 grams)
 • 1 fish(es) Pike  at 4.3 kg.
Janus Munck Adamsen, 20-10-15
 Lyen, Rymmen, Hultasjön, Kätteln mfl
 Fishing method:Angling
 Best lure/bait:Earthworm
 • 1 fish(es) Perch  at 0.0 kg.  "Do not know"
Alfons Pundsack, 20-10-16
 Fishing method:Trolling
 Best lure/bait:Wobbler midsize (11-20 cm)
 • 2 fish(es) Pike  at a total of 4.5 kg, Avg. Weight 2.25 kg.  (  No, released!)
Lydia & Vladik, 20-09-27
 Fishing method:Vertical Fishing
 Best lure/bait:Jig / Soft Bait (Fish-like)
  "Too bad you can only enter a date here and no time period. We fished for a week this year only bites on rubber fish, or GuFi garnished with Made (last year only Wobbler)"
 • 10 fish(es) Perch  at a total of 3.2 kg, Avg. Weight 0.33 kg.  "Weight is only estimated, 22cm to 37cm}>"
 • 13 fish(es) Perch  at a total of 0.0 kg, Avg. Weight 0.00 kg.  "Many small perch, not planted, but they snapped like crazy ... eg 5x in ~ 10min to 1 angel. Fortunately, release all unscathed"
 • 2 fish(es) Pike  at a total of 5.5 kg, Avg. Weight 2.75 kg.  "Weight only estimated. 1. Attach larger, on GuFi spin. The 2nd pike hung in the bark dropshot (6cm GuFi, Monofil ~ 0.24) ..."
 • 10 fish(es) Roach  at a total of 0.1 kg, Avg. Weight 0.01 kg.  "not weighed, 18cm to 24cm"
Morgan Nilsson, 20-09-26
 Fishing method:Spinning
 Best lure/bait:Wobbler small (0-10 cm)
  "Lots of fish, however, did not see any pikeperch."
 • 1 fish(es) Perch  at 0.4 kg.  "Never weighed this little drill, but when it got the hook in the gills we ate it up in the evening"
 • 3 fish(es) Perch  at a total of 1.0 kg, Avg. Weight 0.33 kg.  "Did not weigh them so have a hard time knowing weight. Usual medium size to a little smaller."   (  No, released!)
 • 2 fish(es) Pike  at a total of 6.0 kg, Avg. Weight 3.00 kg.  "A well-fed 4 kg and a slightly smaller, but incredibly fat and round around the abdomen."
Waldemar Belsch, 20-10-08
 Fishing method:Spinning
 Best lure/bait:Spinner midsize (6-12 grams)
 • 5 fish(es) Perch  at a total of 0.8 kg, Avg. Weight 0.15 kg.  "Very beautiful fish"
Bastian Becker, 20-10-05
 Fishing method:Trolling
 Best lure/bait:Wobbler small (0-10 cm)
 • 2 fish(es) Zander  at a total of 2.5 kg, Avg. Weight 1.25 kg.
Jörn Pettrich, 20-09-25
 Fishing method:Trolling
 Best lure/bait:Wobbler midsize (11-20 cm)
 • 2 fish(es) Zander  at a total of 1.0 kg, Avg. Weight 0.50 kg.
Per-Åke Albertsson, 20-09-24
 Lyen, Rymmen, Hultasjön, Kätteln mfl
 Fishing method:Trolling
 Best lure/bait:Wobbler small (0-10 cm)
 • 1 fish(es) Pike  at 1.8 kg.  "1.80 kg"   (  No, released!)
Jörn Pettrich, 20-09-23
 Fishing method:Trolling
 Best lure/bait:Wobbler midsize (11-20 cm)
 • 2 fish(es) Zander  at a total of 1.2 kg, Avg. Weight 0.62 kg.  "Thank you"

Catch reports

The most recent catch reports Värnamo kommun 

Fishing guides in Värnamo kommun

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