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  Kronobergs län and Jönköpings län / Ljungby and Värnamo municipality.

Flåren is located in Värnamo and Ljungby municipalities, on the border between Jönköping and Kronoberg counties and is part of Lagan's water system.

Lake Flåren is classified as regionally particularly valuable water for its high natural values and its fantastic fishing for pikeperch, pike and perch.

Flåren is an approximately 35 km2 lake that is barely 20 km long from north to south, which makes the lake suitable for trolling and spin fishing, but also angling for eel, among other things. In the lake it is also allowed to fish with angels.

Along lakesides and out on some islands there are opportunities to rest and swim, but the wildlife and nature must be taken into account.

Boat ramps
There are three cast boat ramps in the lake that make it easy to launch boats in the lake. It is also possible to rent boats in Flåren, see contacts further down the page.

Boat ramps Flåren ( see tab "Map" )

  • Flattinge 56 ° 58'41.4 "N 14 ° 02'49.3" E
  • Kvänarp 56 ° 58'25.2 "N 14 ° 06'33.7" E
  • Kungskulle 57 ° 05'38.8 "N 14 ° 10'15.6" E

Rent a boat
It is possible to rent a boat in the lake for SEK 100 / day or SEK 500 / week. Contact the following:

Håkan Johansson:
0372-311 22, 0730-22 08 28

Sea map
It is possible to buy a nautical chart for Flåren for SEK 250 and can be purchased at the following places:

Peters Sport and Lagan
Storgatan 41
341 50 Lagan

Håkan Johansson
341 52 Lagan

Coop Near Living
Centrumvägen 8
330 15 Bor

Water level regulation is very extensive. In a water judgment from 1923, the dam limit was set at + 152.00m and the lowering limit at + 149.40m, which gives a regulatory amplitude of 2.60m. In order to have a gentler regulation, a voluntary agreement was made with Sydkraft in 1996. At present, regulation is only half done, ie. 1.30m.

During the test fishing in 2012 in collaboration with the County Administrative Board of Jönköping, the following status of fish species in Flåren emerged. Here you will find the test fishing report, Jönköping County Administrative Board .

Fish species

















Flåren FVO

Organization number: 829000-6124

Flåren FVO works for sustainable fishing in the lake Flåren which is part of the Lagan water system. The association grants fishing to the public through the sale of fishing licenses.

Customer number: 444, Area: 406.

Contact persons

Håkan Johansson, ordförande:
0372 - 311 22
0730 - 22 08 28


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