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  Jönköpings län and Kronobergs län / Värnamo municipality.

Furen's FCALake Furen is located in Jönköping and Kronoberg counties in Småland. A fish sample study in 2004 yielded eight fish species: perch, bleak, bream, pike, ruffe, pike-perch, roach and vendace. In addition to these species, there are also whitefish, burbot, eel, rudd, tench and an occasional salmon trout in Furen.
Furen has two swimming areas: Hyltan and Småland's Hawaii. Värnamo municipality is responsible for these municipal swimming places.
Boat ramp: Furen's FCAA has had a boat ramp poured to facilitate boat launching. This is at the Småland's Hawaii swimming area. Trailers are parked at the entrance to Småland's Hawaii. Remember to always check the water level before you venture out by boat. Furen's water level regulation is extensive, with a current regulation magnitude of 1.3 m.
The water level in Furen has been regulated for hydroelectric power purposes since 1927 through dams at both outlets of the Flåren River, which lies downstream. 

The water level regulation is very extensive. In a 1923 water-rights court ruling the water level was allowed to fluctuate between +152 m and +149.4 m, a difference of 2.6 m. To bring about more moderate regulation, a voluntary agreement was reached with the Sydkraft utility company in 1996. As things now stand, the regulation is only half of what it once was – i.e., 1.3 m.

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Furens FVO

Furen's FCAFuren's FCAA was formed through a decision by the Administrative Board in Jönköping County on September 9, 1978. The primary reason for its formation was the perception that common administration of the entire lake was important in order to decide on fishery conservation measures. The purpose of the association is to promote and regulate fishing in Lake Furen and the part of the Årån River that is affected as well as to make fishing available through sales of fishing licences to the public.
Furen's Fishery Conservation Area encompasses Lake Furen and a part of Årån in Voxtorp and Rydaholm parishes in Värnamo municipality as well as Berga parish in Ljungby municipality. The boundary at the influx of Årån consists of the bridge on route 734 (Åsbro) and at the outlet an imaginary line drawn across Furen's mouth in Edån (Årån). Furen's Fishery Conservation Area covers 1,169 hectares. 

The association includes 114 properties with fishing rights. The association's surplus has been used to stock fish and provide fishing oversight and services in the form of boats, jetties, boat ramps and graveling of roads. 

Organization number: 202100-2288*

*Register-keeping authority (e.g. a County Administrative Board)
Customer number: 294, Area: 254.

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Andreas Lindahl
072 - 202 60 77


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