Ryssbysjöns FVOF


Ryssbysjön (Ljungby)

  Kronobergs län / Ljungby municipality.
Ryssby Sea fvof is about 2mil east of Ljungby. Along Highway 25. We have an excellent iläggningsramp of concrete. Adjacent to this is barbecue and the opportunity to stay overnight in tents electricity caravan. A few hundred meters away is a shallow beach. All of this is beside the community Ryssby with gas station banking business and hostels and a great little hotel with good food.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.
 Endast i sällskap med målsman/vuxen

Ryssbysjöns FVOF

Ryssbysjön's fvof is located approximately 2 miles east of Ljungby. Along highway 25. We have an excellent concrete loading ramp. Adjacent to this there is a barbecue area and the possibility to spend the night in a tent or caravan. A few hundred meters from there is a shallow bathing beach. All this can be found next to the community of Ryssby with a gas station, bank, shop and hostel and an excellent small hotel with good food.
The lake is about 300 ha large, quite rich in zander with easily caught ones.
We have an excellent loading ramp made of concrete.

Organization number: 802600-3536

Customer number: 97, Area: 61.

Contact persons

Hans-Göran Larsson
0703 - 14 10 39


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