Målasjön m.fl sjöars FVOF

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  Kronobergs län / Alvesta, Älmhult and Ljungby municipality.

Welcome to fishing in the lakes that belong to Målasjön with several lakes' fishing conservation area.
Here you can fish most traditional Swedish fish both in river and lake.
The area borders the municipalities of Ljungby, Alvesta and Älmhult and it is also here that little Helge å begins.
Within the lakes, the most common fish are perch, pike, roach and bream.
Recently, eels were also planted in a couple of the lakes and next to Lake Kalasjön is the Granhultsberget nature reserve.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.

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Målasjön m.fl sjöars FVOF

We are a smaller association whose aim is to maintain good fisheries management in the included lakes. The board consists of people who live in the area or have a connection to the area in some way.

Organization number: 06802427-0780

Customer number: 3195, Area: 3241.

Contact persons

Gustav Johansson

0768 - 19 95 95


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