Långaryd Norra FVOF

  Hallands län / Hylte municipality.
 We don't sell permits in this area!
iFiske does not yet sell fishing permit sfor this organisation. At this page, you'll only find information about the area. Of course, we hope to be able to sell the fishing permits for Långaryd Norra FVOF as well soon.

Långaryd Norra FVOF

Contact person

Bertil Andersson
333 93 Skeppshult
Tel. 0371-21219
E-mail. bjaa@Bahnhof.se

Image: Frösjön - one of several lakes within the fisheries management area

Organization number: 202100-2353*

*Register-keeping authority (e.g. a County Administrative Board)
Customer number: 855, Area: 815.


Fishing areas nearby Långaryd Norra FVOF

Stora Färgen, Mellan Färgen, Södra Färgen, Yabergssjön, Hallasjön, Holmsjön
Yasjön, Nejsjön, Åbrunnen
Transjön, Svansjön m fl vatten
Unnens FVOF

Affiliated fishing areas in Hallands län
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