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  • Tran Lake

Transjön, Svansjön m fl vatten

  Kronobergs län / Ljungby municipality.

The Transjön-Svansjön fishery conservation area is located in the border areas between Småland and Halland.

From both Halmstad and Ljungby it is only a half hour drive to reach the lakes. In the fishing waters there is plenty of perch, pike and roach. You can also get tench and bream on the hook.

The landscape is dominated by older spruce forest with several smaller lakes within a five kilometer radius. Via the lakes, the tributary to the Fylleån river starts, which, on the Halland coast, flows into the Kattegat. The fisheries conservation area is part of Fylleån's water council.

In the largest lakes Transjön and Stora Svansjön it is possible to put in your own boat and there are also opportunities for fishing from the jetty or from land. At low water levels, in some of the lakes, it may be inappropriate to use a boat engine due to rocks just below the waterline.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 16.

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Transjön-Svansjöns FVOF

The Transjön and other lakes' fisheries conservation association dates back to the early 1940s. In 1988, the association was transformed into the Transjön-Svansjön fishery conservation area association with the included lakes Transjön, Stora Svansjön, Lilla Svansjön, Strutssjön, Åkersjön, Lillasjön, Hallasjön and Sutaresjön.

The purpose of the association is to manage the fishing in the lakes that are covered and to provide and make the fishing available to the public. The revenue of the fisheries management area is used to promote fisheries and water management within the area.

Organization number: 802426-9873

Customer number: 3051, Area: 3055.

Contact persons

Bengt Almryd

070 - 631 23 49


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