Yasjöns och Nejsjöns FVOF


Yasjön, Nejsjön, Åbrunnen

  Hallands län and Kronobergs län / Hylte and Ljungby municipality.

The lakes are located in Lagan's water system.

Nejsjön is at its highest and has no major inflows. Afterwards comes the Åbrunnen, which is a small water before Lake Yas , the largest of the lakes. It is mainly forest around the lakes except for some open land with buildings. Ya and Nejsjön are accessible by car and both have ramps for loading boats. The well can only be reached on foot. Perch and pike are the species of fish that you mainly encounter, but there are also roach, bream and pike.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.

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Yasjöns och Nejsjöns FVOF

The fishing area was started in the seventies when the health of the lakes deteriorated sharply. A lot of work was done with, among other things, liming, which saved some species' rejuvenation. In addition, the public was given the opportunity to fish.

Today, we work mostly with fishing license sales and boat rentals, and follow the county's boards with our lakes, rejuvenation, water quality, etc.

Organization number: 802426-9733

Customer number: 1165, Area: 1127.

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Henrik Hansson
0733 - 74 64 61


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