Lekvattnets FVOF


Lekvattnets FVO

  Värmlands län / Torsby Municipality.

Welcome to Lekvattnet if you are the fisherman.

Updated: 11/20/20.


The ice creams at our place are almost perfect.
Anything between 15 - 40 cm thick without snow.
Presently absolutely perfect conditions for kicking prevail.
Keep in mind that when you kick, you will be able to
further out on more dangerous ice before it breaks.
Always wear ice studs around your neck when traveling on ice,
in the backpack they do no good.

Note that in streams with moving / flowing water the ice is thinner.


Fish Inspection:

2 persons were caught by our fishing supervisors during the Christmas holidays.
The two had no valid fishing license and they fished with about 20 rods
were placed on the ice.
According to our local regulations it is only allowed to use 2 rods at a time / person.
All their fishing equipment incl. motor drill and trapped fish were seized.
Police report on illegal fishing was made on site and the 2 people were allowed to leave the ice without their
fishing equipment and caught fish.


Boat is now available for hire in Runnsjön for the next summer fishing season.
The boat is white with black painted text " Lekvattnets FVOF " on both sides and is at the northern end of the lake.
It is a little over 4m long and very stable and sea-safe.
There are 3 bobbins, oars and a wishbone in the boat, you can bring your own engine if you wish.
It is about 50m to walk to the boat from the car parking.

It costs 100 SEK / day to rent the boat and it is valid until midnight the same day.
Boat rental is handled by Ifiske in the same way as you buy a fishing license here.
To rent the boat, click on the "Fliken" fishing license and enter the "Boat Rental Runnsjön".

On this page you can get some up-to-date info about our area, but above all you can find on this page under the tab "Fishing license" and buy fishing license that fits your fishing at exactly the same price as the old traditional fishing card in paper format, moreover it is open 24 hours a day.

To get more info about our area, click on " Fiska i Lekvattnet " (opens in a new window ).
Then you come to the fishing association's presentation on Lekvattnet`s website.

There you will also find telephone numbers of our contacts if you are wondering anything about fishing.
There is also information about accommodation in the area and many other info.

PS: To anyone fishing in Pägertjärn:!
Fishing from the municipal bathing jetty is completely prohibited.
It is completely forbidden to throw fish and debris into the water, stop it immediately!

 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15. (Special rules or exceptions may apply, Read more...)

Fish species

Brown Trout


Runnsjön, Stortjärn, Horntjärn.

Rainbow trout


Pägertjärn (put & take).



Runnsjön, Matlöpen.











Släpp helst tillbaka.

Org ID: 163, Area 127

Lekvattnets FVOF

För att freda öringen under sin lektid och skapa bättre förutsättningar för artens reproduktion så råder det fiskeförbud från 1:a september t.o.m 30:e november i följande vatten:

  • Runnsjön.
  • Stortjärn.
  • Lilltjärn.
  • Örsjön.
  • Horntjärn.
  • Sniptjärn.
  • Alla våra bäckar och åar.

Öring som fångats under förbudstiden i andra vatten än ovan skall återutsättas.

Respektera detta för att gynna öringbeståndet i våra vatten.


Större grupper, företag, skolklasser, fiskeföreningar eller dylikt kan köpa ett gruppfiskekort till förmånligt pris för en dag till Pägertjärn eller något annat av våra fiskevatten, tala med någon kontaktperson som ni finner längre ner.
Boende på området (inomsocknes) kan köpa medlemskort, tala med lokalt ombud.

Fiskekort säljs också på följande ställen:

  • Torsby turistbyrå Tel: 0560-16050
  • Östmarks Handel Tel: 0560-20005
  • Finnskogens ostaffär Tel: 0560-50910
  • Nya skogsgården Tel: 0560-52005 (Camping)

Contact persons

Daniel Märs:
070 - 355 01 67

Hans Keck:
070 - 351 52 19

Daniel Hansson:
070 - 691 46 11

Johan Ottoson:
070 - 540 56 95

Lennart Lövgren, webbansvarig:
070 - 336 67 49 


Fishing areas nearby Lekvattnets FVOF

Velens fiskevårdsområde
Stora Bogtjärnet, Vällen, Borgsjön m fl vatten
Treen, Mangen, Trehörningen, mfl
Övre Fryksdalen
Ängssjön, Rötjärn, Märrtjärn mfl

Affiliated fishing areas in Värmlands län
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