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  Hallands län / Kungsbacka municipality.

Welcome to Löftaåns fiskevårdsförening!

With us you can fish in our put-and-take lake Lillesjön, (Stättared)

We have 9 bridges, of which 4 are newly built in 2018 and 2020. It is also possible to fish directly from land. If all the bridges are occupied we would appreciate that you rotate (like the clock) between the bridges every even time.

NOTE! During the winter season (Nov-March), Lillesjön can be ice-clad. Check before you buy a fishing license that it is possible to fish!

 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 12.
 Only in company with a keeper / adult / person who holds a valid fishing license (on his quota)
 The keeper must have taken note of and approved the applicable fishing rules and regulations.

Fish species

Rainbow trout






Löftaåns FVF

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Our business is also focused on biotope care by Löftaån and to know how our work produces results, it is mandatory that you report your catch to us regardless of whether you bring up or return the fish.

We would also be happy if you become a member of our club and thus help us further improve our work with continued biotope care in Löftaån.

Organization number: 849400-7829

Customer number: 1099, Area: 1058.

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Affiliated fishing areas in Hallands län
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