Stora Nedens FVF


Stora Neden, Furesjön, Gällarpesjön samt Gällsjön

  Hallands län / Varberg municipality.

Stora Neden is a spring lake located 20 km NO about Varberg, in the village of Nösslinge.

The lake is 77 m above sea level and has since the 1970s been a raw water source for the municipality of Varberg. It has a total area of about 2.9 km2. The average depth is 20.7 meters and at the deepest point the lake is 57 meters deep.

Lake Furesjön, Gällarpesjön and Gällsjön are smaller lakes in the area. In the lake there are pike, perch, roach, whitefish and whip. Hallandsleden passes Nösslinge, and there are opportunities to camp at the rest area at Gällarp.


Stora Nedens FVF

The association manages the fishing in the lakes Stora Neden, Gällarpsjön and Furesjön in Varbergs municipality, Halland.

Organization number: 849600-5268

Customer number: 1086, Area: 1050.

Contact persons

Anders Åström
073 - 393 69 16


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