Centralhalländska FVOF

  • Gös Byasjön

Skärsjön, Byasjön, Ottersjön, Älvasjön mfl

  Hallands län / Varberg municipality.

The fishery area consists of eleven lakes and lies within Åkulla bokskogar. The largest are Skärsjön, Byasjön, Ottersjön, Valasjön, Älvasjön and Kalvsjön.

The lakes are embedded in beautiful surroundings with varied deciduous forests and pastures in hilly terrain. The character of the lakes varies from deep clear water lakes with rocky beaches to shallow and reedy.

The species of fish are rich and fishermen are often very rewarding especially in the larger lakes. Here you will find large perch and pike, pikeperch, roach, eel and several other species. 

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 17.
 Only in company with a keeper / adult / person who holds a valid fishing license (on his quota)
 Holders of annual passes may bring their spouse, cohabitant and children fishing and they may fish with their own gear. Young people under 18 fish for free together with a guardian who holds a fishing license.

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Centralhalländska FVOF

"Centralhallandska FVO" is working to improve the fishing in the area. You as a fisherman can, by taking considerate fish, also make an important effort to conserve fish stocks. There are several nature reserves and bird sanctuaries in the area. We reccomend those who travels with boat to use oars or electrical motor. Be careful with these natural values and pay attention to information and signs. "Allemansrätten" gives us a unique opportunity to move freely in nature. But we must also take responsibility for nature and wildlife and show consideration to other visitors and landowners.

Closest shop for fishing gear (rods, baits, worms etc) is at Time in Tvååker (Fastarpsv. 20. Ph. +46340-420 90) Opened weekdays 06:00-23:00, Saturdays 07:00-23:00 and Sundays 08:00-23:00. 

Organization number: 849600-4204

Customer number: 857, Area: 817.

Contact persons

Info samt båtuthyrning i Skärsjön och Humsjön:
Lennart Skärbäck 
0340 - 450 05

Båtuthyrning i Byasjön:
Joakim Carlsson
0734 - 71 39 98

Båtuthyrning i Byasjön:
Hans-Olof Inghammar
0731 - 73 28 91

Båtuthyrning i Kalvsjön:
Hans Lindqvist
0340 - 67 72 53

Båtuthyrning i Ottersjön:
Kristian Carlsson
0340 - 450 36


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