Högvadsåns Nedre FVOF

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  Hallands län / Falkenberg Municipality.

Högvadsån is located in the municipality of Falkenberg in Halland. It flows into Ätran in Ätrafors and is Ätrans's largest tributary. Ätran and Högvadsån have an original salmon strain and are together the most important reproduction area for salmon on the west coast. The most important play bottoms are in Högvadsån.

It is not just the salmon that thrives in the river. Trout, pike, perch and several other species are also available. So Högvadsån is a good choice if you want a variety of fishing. But salmon fishing is still the most important, and has always been so in the river.

And if you do not get paced, you still get a wonderful nature experience by the water in the beautiful valleys. Högvadsån also has a very fine plant and animal life along the river. With several threatened biotopes and species.

The fishing area is very dependent on the weather, and the water level can, for example, be very shallow, since fishing is not suitable as otherwise. Please contact us if you have questions about it.

 The area includes one or more fishing areas for catch-and-release, i.e the fishes are gently put back into the water alive.

Fish species

Brown Trout


Tillåtet under perioden 1/4-30/9

Sea trout


Tillåtet under perioden 1/4-30/9



Tillåtet under perioden 1/4-30/9



Org ID: 859, Area 819

Högvadsåns Nedre FVOF

Contact persons

Berit Möller:
070 - 329 30 08


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