Hornsjöarnas FVO


Stora och lilla Hornsjön (Horredssjön), Helsjön mfl

  Västra Götalands län and Hallands län / Mark and Kungsbacka Municipality.

Outside Horred between Kinna and Varberg there are about ten lakes that are part of the Hornsjöarna fishing area, of which Stora Hornsjön is mostly fishing.

Stora Hornsjön has a maximum depth of about 50 meters and wide spread. A few years ago, fish have been planted here. Little Horn Sea is easy to fish in. Despite growing around the edges, there are several good places from land to fish. Hellesjön in Helsjön is also a deep lake with large perch trees. The horn that flows into the wisdom contains trout. Damned at Vasse prevents hiking into the lakes.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 14. (Special rules or exceptions may apply, Read more...)


Hornsjöarnas FVO

A association that is responsible for fishing, supervision and rehabilitation of approximately 10 lakes with offices in Marks Kommun.

Customer number: 480, Area: 440.

Contact persons

Elias Johansson:

070 - 450 07 18


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Affiliated fishing areas in Västra Götalands län

Affiliated fishing areas in Hallands län
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