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Ljusnedals Kortfiskeområde

  Jämtlands län / Härjedalen municipality.

Welcome to Ljusnedal's short fishing area!

Our fishing area extends from road 531 north of Funäsdalen and Ljusnan south down to the village Ljusnedal.
North of Ljusnan is Häckelsjön. In Ljusnedal, continue south towards RV 84, where you take the gravel road north of the lakes Ljusnedalssjön and Lossen. Most of our ponds are located along that gravel road.

Many of the ponds are easily accessible, especially in summer. We also have fishing in mountain lakes and other ponds that you have to walk a bit to get to.

Take the opportunity to also have coffee or barbecue on the fishing trip because at Häckelsjön, Tevsjön, Ljusnedalssjön, Rörtjärn and eastern and western Lossentjärn there is wind protection. Many of these ponds contain char and trout.

In Ljusnedalssjön and Lossen there are also whitefish, perch, pike, lake and grayling. If you have difficulty walking, Rörtjärn is very easily accessible and you can, you can drive the car all the way to the pond.

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Ljusnedals FVF

The association has existed since the 1950s.

Our goal is to have a well-being and sustainable fishing. We plant fish so that there will be fish and not the entire stock is fished out.

Organization number: 892600-4402

Customer number: 3123, Area: 3140.

Contact persons

Gustav Höglund 
0706 - 23 94 39


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