Messlingens FVOF


Messlingssjön, Mittån, Brändåstjärn, Stadsån

  Jämtlands län / Härjedalen and Berg municipality.

Welcome to Messlingen's fisheries management area!

In our waters there are trout, char, brook trout, perch, lake, brook trout (implanted), minnow and rock bream.

Messlingsjön is 5 km long and in the middle of the lake it is 10-40 m deep. There are coarse trout in the lake which can be difficult to catch, smaller trout are plentiful. The perch are numerous and weights up to 1 kg are not uncommon. Char are found all over the lake, the presence of smaller char is high, but in recent years the average weight has increased and fish between 200-500 g are often caught on pimpel fishing in the winter.

Midtån upstream and downstream is good trout water and it bites on fly, drag/spinner and fishing with a worm.
In Mittån above the lake and below the iron bridge there are good fish. Watch out for beaver tunnels following the river.

In Brändåstjärn , 350 smaller chars from the lake were planted in 2019, which have subsequently increased in weight. The association will continue to move fish from the lake to the ponds in Servdalen and Brändåstjärn.

Messlingsjön is not regulated, but downstream towards Grundsjön there is a fishing barrier that prevents whitefish (and unfortunately all fish) from getting into Mittån. We are now investigating the possibility of creating a passage that prevents whitefish but allows other species to ascend the river.

Boats can be rented at Baggården, for further information call:

Wind protection:
Messlingsjön 2 pcs (built in 2019)
Stadsån 3 pcs
Upstream Mittån 2 pcs
Downstream Mittån 3 pcs

During the lake's spawning period, salmon traps are used to reduce the lake stock.

Thank you for not leaving litter in nature!

Within the fisheries management area are the following waters:

Messlingsjön, Mittån, Servån, Stadsån, Brändåstjärn, Linjestjärn, Starrtjärn,
Deep iron, Kåkslottjärn.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.

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Messlingens FVOF

Organization number: 892600-6043

Customer number: 1094, Area: 1055.

Contact persons

Mats Norberg
070 - 688 50 50

Airi Tuovinen

070 - 662 13 19


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